Choyce Party Ponies

Your Dreams Come True


What is your dream? What do you wish to have in an equestrian experience? Is it to have a fabulous party? Are you wanting to explore nature on horseback?


We want to know what your dreams are. Do you want to hear expressions of awe when ponies walk around the corner and are first viewed by the friends and family that you invite to your special event? Do you want to hear giggling children when they watch a pony eating birthday cake or watch a pony drinking from a cup? Do you want a pony decorated in your child’s favorite colors? Do you have a theme in mind that our ponies or petting zoo can help to fill? Do you want one stop shopping to simplify your party planning? Do you want to see the smiles and hear the happiness and excitement in your munchkin’s persona when they are astride a pony? Are ponies or petting animals your first love? They are ours and we want to bring our favorites to you!

Do you want a Unicorn?


Perhaps that never seen anywhere else but the Treasure Coast the “ZooNicorn”?



For all folk both young and young at heart, Choyce Party Ponies, Clown & Bounce provides Calm, Quality, Loved Ponies and Horses for your riding pleasure along with other children’s entertainment including Bounce Houses, Dunk Tanks, Waterslides, Trackless Trains, Petting Zoos, Bungee Jumps, Obstacle Courses and Clowns for your parties. Bringing Healthy, Clean, Loved Ponies and Smiles to Children and Adult Faces. We have provided ponies for parties in the Treasure Coast area for 20 years.  From Vero to Points WAY South, Okeechobee to the Ocean, we LOVE to bring our ponies to party with YOU!

Check out our Pricing Page for specials in the Treasure Coast areas! If you need to place a party deposit or pay for services we now offer safe and convenient Paypal transactions or we can take your card over the phone.

Or you can BOOK NOW!!!

Boca Raton
Boca Raton Petting Zoo
Boca Raton Pony Rides
Boca Raton Carnival Games
Boca Raton Trackless Train
Boca Raton Birthday Party Rentals
Boca Raton Children Party Rentals
Boca Raton Kids Party Rentals
Boca Raton Party Rentals

Boynton Beach
Boynton Beach Petting Zoo
Boynton Beach Pony Rides
Boynton Beach Carnival Games
Boynton Beach Trackless Train
Boynton Beach Birthday Party Rentals
Boynton Beach Children Party Rentals
Boynton Beach Kids Party Rentals
Boynton Beach Party Rentals

Delray Beach
Delray Beach Petting Zoo
Delray Beach Pony Rides
Delray Beach Carnival Games
Delray Beach Trackless Games
Delray Beach Birthday Party Rentals
Delray Beach Children Party Rentals
Delray Beach Kids Party Rentals
Delray Beach Party Rentals

East Palm Beach
East Palm Beach Petting Zoo
East Palm Beach Pony Rides
East Palm Beach Carnival Games
East Palm Beach Trackless Games
East Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals
East Palm Beach Children Party Rentals
East Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals
East Palm Beach Party Rentals

Hobe Sound
Hobe Sound Petting Zoo
Hobe Sound Pony Rides
Hobe Sound Carnival Games
Hobe Sound Trackless Train
Hobe Sound Birthday Party Rentals
Hobe Sound Children Party Rentals
Hobe Sound Kids Party Rentals
Hobe Sound Party Rentals

Jensen Beach
Jensen Beach Petting Zoo
Jensen Beach Pony Rides
Jensen Beach Carnival Games
Jensen Beach Trackless Train
Jensen Beach Birthday Party Rentals
Jensen Beach Children Party Rentals
Jensen Beach Kids Party Rentals
Jensen Beach Party Rentals

Jupiter Petting Zoo
Jupiter Pony Rides
Jupiter Carnival Games
Jupiter Trackless Train
Jupiter Birthday Party Rentals
Jupiter Children Party Rentals
Jupiter Kids Party Rentals
Jupiter Party Rentals

Lake Worth
Lake Worth Petting Zoo
Lake Worth Pony Rides
Lake Worth Carnival Games
Lake Worth Trackless Train
Lake Worth Birthday Party Rentals
Lake Worth Children Party Rentals
Lake Worth Kids Party Rentals
Lake Worth Party Rentals

Lantana Petting Zoo
Lantana Pony Rides
Lantana Carnival Games
Lantana Trackless Games
Lantana Birthday Party Rentals
Lantana Children Party Rentals
Lantana Kids Party Rentals
Lantana Party Rentals

Martin County Florida
Martin County Florida Petting Zoo
Martin County Florida Pony Rides
Martin County Florida Carnival Games
Martin County Florida Trackless Games
Martin County Florida Birthday Party Rentals
Martin County Florida Children Party Rentals
Martin County Florida Kids Party Rentals
Martin County Florida Party Rentals

North Palm Beach
North Palm Beach Petting Zoo
North Palm Beach Pony Rides
North Palm Beach Carnival Games
North Palm Beach Trackless Train
North Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals
North Palm Beach Children Party Rentals
North Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals
North Palm Beach Party Rentals

Orlando Petting Zoo
Orlando Pony Rides
Orlando Carnival Games
Orlando Trackless Train
Orlando Birthday Party Rentals
Orlando Children Party Rentals
Orlando Kids Party Rentals
Orlando Party Rentals
Palm Beach
Palm Beach Petting Zoo
Palm Beach Pony Rides
Palm Beach Carnival Games
Palm Beach Trackless Train
Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals
Palm Beach Children Party Rentals
Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals
Palm Beach Party Rentals

Palm Beach County
Palm Beach County Petting Zoo
Palm Beach County Pony Rides
Palm Beach County Carnival Games
Palm Beach County Trackless Train
Palm Beach County Birthday Party Rentals
Palm Beach County Children Party Rentals
Palm Beach County Kids Party Rentals
Palm Beach County Party Rentals

Palm Beach Gardens
Palm Beach Gardens Petting Zoo
Palm Beach Gardens Pony Rides
Palm Beach Gardens Carnival Games
Palm Beach Gardens Trackless Games
Palm Beach Gardens Birthday Party Rentals
Palm Beach Gardens Children Party Rentals
Palm Beach Gardens Kids Party Rentals
Palm Beach Gardens Party Rentals

Palm City
Palm City Petting Zoo
Palm City Pony Rides
Palm City Carnival Games
Palm City Trackless Games
Palm City Birthday Party Rentals
Palm City Children Party Rentals
Palm City Kids Party Rentals
Palm City Party Rentals

Port St. Lucie
Port St. Lucie Petting Zoo
Port St. Lucie Pony Rides
Port St. Lucie Carnival Games
Port St. Lucie Trackless Train
Port St. Lucie Birthday Party Rentals
Port St. Lucie Children Party Rentals
Port St. Lucie Kids Party Rentals
Port St. Lucie Party Rentals

Royal Palm Beach
Royal Palm Beach Petting Zoo
Royal Palm Beach Pony Rides
Royal Palm Beach Carnival Games
Royal Palm Beach Trackless Train
Royal Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals
Royal Palm Beach Children Party Rentals
Royal Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals
Royal Palm Beach Party Rentals

South Florida
South Florida Petting Zoo
South Florida Pony Rides
South Florida Carnival Games
South Florida Trackless Train
South Florida Birthday Party Rentals
South Florida Children Party Rentals
South Florida Kids Party Rentals
South Florida Party Rentals
St. Lucie County
St. Lucie County Petting Zoo
St. Lucie County Pony Rides
St. Lucie County Carnival Games
St. Lucie County Trackless Train
St. Lucie County Birthday Party Rentals
St. Lucie County Children Party Rentals
St. Lucie County Kids Party Rentals
St. Lucie County Party Rentals

Stuart Petting Zoo
Stuart Pony Rides
Stuart Carnival Games
Stuart Trackless Train
Stuart Birthday Party Rentals
Stuart Children Party Rentals
Stuart Kids Party Rentals
Stuart Party Rentals

Tequesta Petting Zoo
Tequesta Pony Rides
Tequesta Carnival Games
Tequesta Trackless Games
Tequesta Birthday Party Rentals
Tequesta Children Party Rentals
Tequesta Kids Party Rentals
Tequesta Party Rentals

Wellington Petting Zoo
Wellington Pony Rides
Wellington Carnival Games
Wellington Trackless Games
Wellington Birthday Party Rentals
Wellington Children Party Rentals
Wellington Kids Party Rentals
Wellington Party Rentals

West Palm Beach
West Palm Beach Petting Zoo
West Palm Beach Pony Rides
West Palm Beach Carnival Games
West Palm Beach Trackless Train
West Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals
West Palm Beach Children Party Rentals
West Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals
West Palm Beach Party Rentals

Okeechobee Petting Zoo
Okeechobee Pony Rides
Okeechobee Carnival Games
Okeechobee Trackless Train
Okeechobee Birthday Party Rentals
Okeechobee Children Party Rentals
Okeechobee Kids Party Rentals
Okeechobee Party Rentals
Vero Beach
Vero Beach Petting Zoo
Vero Beach Pony Rides
Vero Beach Carnival Games
Vero Beach Trackless Train
Vero Beach Birthday Party Rentals
Vero Beach Children Party Rentals
Vero Beach Kids Party Rentals
Vero Beach Party Rentals


  1. Please call me for a booking for July 20th. We would like a water slide, a bounce house, ponies and a trackless train.

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